Thirty years of mid-summer visits to Soval have conditioned me to surviving each winter by anticipating going there again. The attraction is not the Hebridean weather, but the magic of Soval itself, a blend of the journey there, the never-failing welcome, the re-union with old friends, the facilities and modern comforts of the Lodge, and its wonderful views across the Island. And then there’s the fishing !! spoilt for choice with brown trout that punch well above their weight, over the years we’ve had a go on countless lochs from bank and boat. Some are a “must” on every visit, like Trealaval – for its sights of eagle and deer, divers and terns, as much as for the fishing. Or if the salmon have come early into the Laxay or Langavat, the dream of catching one can come true (though in my case that took 18 years!) Equally memorable are the sea trips for mackerel and pollock, with magical views across the Minch and maybe of a few dolphins. I am not allowed home without a cool-box full of trout, but then can savour fish for its quality and the memories it recalls