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Shooting is available from 12 August for grouse and snipe. All the shooting is walked up over pointers. The terrain comprises of rough hill ground rising from sea level to 900ft. The Estate has 3 pointers and guests may certainly bring their own dogs as well.  The shooting extends to 65,000 acres of moorland. All this ground is only shot once during the season which, with careful shooting over the years has meant that the grouse stocks have remained consistent.  Where possible, old birds are killed which normally is the first bird up, and no more than 1.5 brace or half the birds seen are shot out of a covey. The walked up grouse shoot will be 2-3 days depending on the season.  Guests may keep the grouse shot.  Flighting is also available for ducks from 1st September.  Guests are looked after by our Head Keeper Malcolm McPhail ( and two Under Keepers, John Devine and Paddy Wilson.


Driven woodcock is available for one party of 6 guns over 2 or 3 days shooting. Experience wild shooting at its best in late November or early December. Driven guns from £1750 each all inclusive. Walked up woodcock packages also available. Guns are required to have their own insurance in place which is available by being a member of a trade body, such as the British Association of Shooting and Conservation or the Countryside Alliance. Would all guns please ensure they carry a Shot Gun Certificate. It is a requirement in Scotland to use Bismuth shot when shooting over water.