Soval provides some excellent fly only salmon and sea trout fishing on the whole of the Laxay River. The Laxay is some three and a half miles long with 10 named pools and flows from Loch Trealaval down to Loch Valtos and from there into the sea. It is in Loch Valtos, which has 3 boats on it and the pools near to this Loch that most salmon are caught, thus access is easy. The flow of water is controlled by dams at the point of issue from both Lochs as well as by a further 4 strategically placed dams, enabling both the benefit of additional flood water to be used in drier periods and also to bring fresh fish up from the sea. The Laxay estuary provides some excellent fishing for sea trout whilst sea trout fishing after dinner on the Laxay river can also be rewarding.

Salmon and trout fishing is also available by boat on Loch Langavat at the top end of the famous Grimersta fishing. There are also over 100 lochs offering excellent opportunities for wild brown trout fishing with boats on the best 8. The boats at Trealaval and Langavat are fitted with an outboard motor providing the perfect opportunity to teach beginners or young children to fish. A number of the trout lochs are remote and therefore provide the fisherman with the opportunity to fish for wild trout that rarely see a fly.

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Soval is let for trout and early salmon fishing during May and June and for salmon, sea trout and trout fishing from July through to the end of October. The salmon average around 6lb in weight and a 9ft 6ins salmon rod would cover the river. Thigh waders are necessary for a small amount of the fishing and to cross the river, though guests can alternatively be dropped off by boat. The most successful salmon flies are Stoats Tail, Camasuary Killer, Brown Muddler, Thunder and Lightning, Hairy Mary, Black Doctor and Blue Charm. Small tube flies can be used in July and August whilst later in the season larger tubes can be successful. All salmon and sea trout are to be returned to the water. Brown trout can be kept.

There is a stone build fishing hut adjacent to Loch Valtos, making an ideal base for lunch. A speed boat with twin outboards is also available for guests to use on Loch Erisort and provides excellent sea fishing and is ideal for viewing the plentiful wildlife.

If guests have fished abroad immediately prior to coming to Soval would they please disinfect their equipment by placing their fishing tackle in an airing cupboard at 20deg C for 48 hours.

Day tickets for salmon fishing on Loch Langavat are available. Please contact Malcolm McPhail at or 07796 223185. Tickets are priced at £5 per day. All proceeds go to local causes and over the last 15 years more than £5000 has been raised to support the local community. This has gone to such groups as local schools, the North Lochs Amenity Group and the Balallan and Laxay OAP’s.